Since the University was founded in 1881, our mission has been to achieve the advancement of leaning and ennoblement of life. To this day, these values focus our efforts as we strive to achieve our ambitions and tackle the grand challenges of the age.

Quick Facts

  • 52% of staff at the University are female, and 47% male.
  • The University coordinates several equality networks:the Black & Minority Ethnic Staff NetworkDisabled Staff Network and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Staff Network, as well as Faith Express.
  • The University’s Educational Opportunities Team works with more than 8,000 children and adults a year, to raise their aspirations and provide programmes that make a University education attainable.
  • Historically, Liverpool is known to be one of the UK’s most multicultural and diverse cities; with a prominent maritime history, Liverpool is home to the oldest Black and Chinese communities in the UK, as well as large Irish and Welsh populations.
  • Known as a cultural beacon for centuries, there is much to explore and do Liverpool, which was awarded European Capital of Culture 2008.