Step 1: Go to WES Canada website

Step 2: Click “Apply for WES ECA”

Step 3: In the next window, click “ECA Application for IRCC”

Step 4: Create an account with login ID and password

Step 5: Fill in your educational details for which you want an ECA

Step 6: Choose the option of WES ECA report for Canada immigration, pay the fees required and note down the corresponding reference number

Step 7: Request transcripts from your university. This could be done two ways;

  1. University sends it directly to WES;
  2. You get in a sealed envelope (University’s official seal should be placed on the closing part of the envelope)

Step 8: Courier the sealed envelope along with the copy of your degree certificate to WES (Write your application reference number which you received in Step 6 on top of the envelope)

Step 9: Wait 30- 45 days for them to evaluate the mark sheets and degree and get the digital PDF report of our evaluation

Step 10: Send this ECA certificate number to EDU GEEK

Step 11: You could either send the digital PDF/ scanned copy to EDU GEEK at this stage or later when you receive the ITA